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When looking for a chiropractor in Mt Pleasant, you want an experienced chiropractor who has provided effective results. Our careful techniques at Pediatric, Prenatal and Family Chiropractic of Wisconsin in Mt Pleasant, WI will give you the best chance at improving your condition and health.

Our Goal Is To Help Kids, Expecting Moms, And Families Achieve, Improve And Maintain Their Health And Well-Being With Specific, Neurologically Focused Chiropractic Care. Pediatric, Prenatal and Family Chiropractic of Wisconsin Specializes In The Impactful Gonstead Technique. We Focus On Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention Planning.

Restoring Connection Between Body And Mind

Chiropractic improves the health and function of the nerve system which in turn improves the communication between your brain, the body, and the environment so that it can accurately perceive what is going on and respond appropriately.

Chiropractors adjust the alignment of the spine to help the body function at an optimum level and facilitate proper function of the nervous system. When your spine is perfectly aligned, important nerve signals are able to be transmitted without any interference. When your spine is out of alignment, the nerve signals have trouble transmitting. A properly functioning nervous system is so important because the nervous system controls every cell, tissue, and organ in your body.

Gonstead Technique

Gonstead is a specific Chiropractic technique named after its founder, Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead (1898-1978). There are five components to the Gonstead system, they include: 

  1. X-Rays: Full spine x-rays are utilized and ensure the safety and appropriateness of care. X-rays give us information about your unique structure, measured millimeters of misalignment, and direct appropriate vectors for correction. 
  2. Palpation: Static and motion palpation are utilized to help localize changes in skin, musculature, and any restriction with segmental movement. 
  3. Instrumentation: A Delta-T or Nervoscope will be used each visit. The instrument helps to determine the location of nerve interference by locating temperature differentials. 
  4. Visualization: Your gait and posture will be observed and analyzed and correlated with the other components. 
  5. Case Management: A thorough health history is obtained to gain insight of any pre-existing health conditions, and correlate symptoms to subluxation (misalignment).






Components of the Gonstead System

Case Management